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I still vividly remember my all-time best round of golf. I think we all have at least one of those rounds, don't we?!

Funny thing, that memory still brings a smile to my face.  And, I don't know about you, but don't you think that the clean ping of the golf ball against the club can be one of the sweetest of sounds! Especially as you watch the flight of ball sailing with a perfect trajectory towards the tee.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, I had a coach helping me achieve near perfect form before each stroke that day. Form makes all the difference in the game, doesn't it!?

Form is critical, yet, if you don't have optimal muscle mechanics, even the best of intentions can't overcome the resulting muscular and structural weaknesses.

What Sets The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method Apart from Other Massages

As one client started her rave review, "This is not a relaxation massage!" Yet, another golf client added, "Actually, it's a long term relaxation massage!"

He continued, "Christine has a very deep understanding of bio mechanics and how the muscles of the body are structured and impact movement. "  (Click here for the rest of Norm's testimonial)

What differentiates The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method from other practices is our focus on helping you achieve the muscle mechanics that will optimize your golf game. In other words, we all have muscle habits - some help our game while others contribute to our handicap.

During your session at The Mind Body Whisperer, we'll explore your current muscle habits and help you achieve the optimal muscle mechanics that will help you:

  • Optimize the interplay of your abs and latts to assure tilt stability throughout your swing
  • Enhance your hip and spinal rotation to strengthen your shot down the fairway.
  • Restore your hip flexibility to provide putt stability and precision.
  • Re-balance your stance and foot range of motion to optimize your foot roll for your best chip shot.

Are you ready to Optimize Your Links?  Let's Get Started!

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