Why an Outturned Foot will Kill Your Golf Swing

Is the Outside Edge of Your Shoe Worn Down?

Check the sole of your shoes. Is the outside edge of your shoe worn down compared to the rest of your sole?  If so, you most likely walk with an out-turned foot.

Here's the problem – in order for your body to support an out-turned foot, your body has to make internal shifts and adaptations that sacrifice optimal muscle mechanics.

Here's Why...
If you have the habit of turning your foot outward, there are two muscles, in particular, that contract and problematically, stay contracted, to keep your foot turned outward.

These two muscles - AKA the Foot Out-Turners are the

  • piriformis muscle (AKA Sciatica Central) which is below your glutes (AKA butt muscles), and
  • the outside or lateral hamstring (the biceps femoris)

These muscles contract to keep your foot out-turned. Yet, on the other end, these contracting muscles also affect your hip and the mobility of your leg bone within your hip socket.

The Other Side of Your Muscle Mechanics - The Hip Jammer

So, as your Foot Out-Turner Muscles contract, your foot turns outward. Yet, on the other end of your leg, these contracting muscles also rotate the ball at the top of your leg bone backwards within your hip socket.

And, since your Foot Out-Turner Muscles are mostly contracted, your body adapts "to be there for you" and your new apparent preference (even though it works against your body's best/optimal muscle mechanics.)

So, to support your Out-Turned Foot habit, your muscle mechanics and particularly your connective tissue (i.e. ligaments, etc.), tighten to effectively "lock" the leg bone "in-place" in your hip socket.

And when this "lock-down" occurs

  • your connective tissue loses its elasticity, which means
  • your leg bone loses it's bounce and mobility within your hip socket
  • which means your hip becomes "locked" in place
  • which means there is no give or bounce with each step you take

And You

  • lose tilt mobility and, in turn, you
  • lose tilt stability
  • as your "locked" hip reduces your hip rotation and
  • handicaps your golf swing.

So, if your hip rotation feels tight and needs to get optimized, stop on by for "Optimize Your Golf" sessions at The Mind Body Whisperer. We'll focus on your golf swing by

  1. Release your Foot Out-turner Muscles
  2. Restore your leg's freedom of motion, particularly in the hip capsule, and in turn,
  3. Help reset and optimize your muscle mechanics to enhance your swing arc, strength and flow.

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