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Who Knew Playing Games Extends Your Life!

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with lovely Mother's Day celebrations!

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Today’s Motivations are inspired by Jane McGonigal and the importance of play.

During my work as a child and trauma therapist, play was integral to our work because:

    1. Play tells the Mind & Body that you're safe,
      1. AKA if there's time to play, you don't have to worry about fight or flight
    2. Play is a way to "try out" new options & get beyond feeling stuck,
    3. Play is free expression, a time when you can go to your core and get beyond the "should dos" that often plague us and
    4. Play integrates mind, body, and emotions - the best play is "I'm All In!"

Jane McGonigal's Ted Talk discusses many things including research on "Life Regrets," "Advantages of Play," and "Post-traumatic Growth" - And Best of all,
"How To add 10 Years to Your Life"

Research finds that playing simple games daily increases your life by 10 years!

Here's how...There are four types of resilience that science has found will

    • Increase the years of your life, and
    • Can be easily "amped" so that you can get tons of benefits!

The following lists the type of resilience and "simple games" that you can play to enhance each type of resilience and in turn, increase the years of your life & happiness:

  • Physical Resistance
  • - Movement is key AKA Move your body at least once every hour

      • "Silly Game #1": Stand up and Take 3 Steps
      • "Silly Game #2": Make a fist and raise your arms above your head, as high as you can, and hold them there for 5 seconds,
      • Advantage: Body can withstand more stress and heal itself faster

  • Mental Resistance
  • - honing focus, discipline, determination, and willpower

      • "Silly Game #1": Snap your fingers 50 times or
      • "Silly Game #2": Count backwards from 100 by 7s
      • Advantage: Develop skills to successfully tackle tiny goals and, most importantly, "not give up," per to research, boosts your willpower

  • Emotional Resistance
  • - the ability to provoke powerful positive emotions like curiosity, love, and gratitude,

      • "Silly Game #1": Find a window & look out or look in to connect to what is going on beyond you
      • "Silly Game #2": Search Google Images or YouTube for your favorite animal and take a few moments to emotionally connect
      • Advantage: Regularly achieving a 3:1 ratio of positive emotions to negative emotions keeps negative emotions "down" and increases the likelihood that positive emotions will reoccur more frequently. It also enhances your ability to tackle the problems you're facing.

  • Social Resistance
  • - deriving strength from family, friends, and community

      • "Silly Game #1": Shake someone's hand for (6) seconds (Safe touch is the best way to develop social resilience.)
      • "Silly Game #2": Send someone a quick "Thank you" by text, email, FB or Twitter
      • Advantage: Whether its daily reaching out to a person you care about or experiencing safe touch, each increases the release of of oxytocin which increases your level of trust, connection, and gratitude AND supresses the stress hormone, cortisol

Here's to adding 10 Years to Your Life!

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