I met Christine in an auto repair shop waiting room. I was in extreme pain and waiting for my car was not a pleasant experience. Over 6 weeks before I had landed in the emergency room with one of the worst pains in my life. The pain was in my right lower leg. The ER staff had determined I did not have a broken leg or blood clot and sent me home to figure out where else to turn. By the time I met Christine I had been to my personal care physician, an orthopedic doctor and a neurosurgeon. I have a scheduled appointment with a neurologist, but had to wait over two months for that appointment. I saw no end for the pain and was trying to live life in extreme pain each day. I was using prescription pain killers often and it wasn’t the way I wanted to live. My life was down to going to work and coming home to sit and do nothing.

Christine and I started a conversation and she gave me some great thoughts on what might be going on with my leg and what as a massage therapist she could to help lower my leg pain. I agreed to meet with her for a massage to see if she in fact would help the pain level. After that first hour and a half visit I started to feel some change. I continued to see her on a weekly basis for the next two months. I have seen a marked improvement in the pain level and I have learned ways to overcome bad habits that could be causing the problem. Although I’m not yet 100% better I can now walk without depending on crutches or a cane for short distances. I can again go shopping in the supermarket without only walking down one or two isles and having to leave. Although I still depend on a cane outside my home I can walk slowly around my office without the cane but need it for any short distance walking – to and from my car at work, grocery shopping, doing daily activities.

I am a full believer in what Christine is doing and look forward to the day when I will be pain free.

Barbara W., - Pain Massage. Results: Extreme Pain Reduced