I started seeing Christine Eckery 3 months ago.  My chief complaint was low back pain and leg pain, especially after horseback riding.  The back pain is due to a herniated disc at L4-L5 which I have had since 2005.  The leg pain is exacerbated by tight muscles and joints – which limits my mobility.

Christine has helped me to loosen up some of the holding patterns that have been preventing me from being pain free.  Her approach is very caring and focused.  She really drills down and gets a lot of feedback from you and is able to hone in on exactly which muscles are causing the problem.

One method she uses is called Active Isolated Stretching.  With this method, she has been able to help me make significant gains in my range of motion.  I have been able to move my leg to a much wider point that I had previously.

Christine gives you a lot of feedback while she’s working with you.  We have been making progress loosening up my hip flexor and hip capsule joint.  She even found areas lower in my leg that I didn’t know were tight and were contributing to the tightness in my hip flexor joint.  Her approach is different than any other therapist I have been to and seems to be very effective.

Marilyn T., - Back & Leg Massage. Results: Horseback Riding Pain Reduced