The hallmark of my work is understanding that the majority of our pain is based on less-than-optimal-muscle-mechanics and movement habits.  Change your muscle habits and your body will quickly be able to reclaim its pain-free movement and living.

I started my massage therapy training in 1992 in a school in the lovely Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Inspired by some residuals from a head-on auto accident in Mexico as well as the pains I was developing as I was getting older, in 2009, I switched my focus from a relaxation-based massage to orthopedic massage.  

With a focus on orthopedic massage, I have learned how to recognize and assess your current muscular habits. And more importantly, techniques to help re-align your less-than-ideal muscle patterns AKA painful movement and posture habits into new and pain-freeing movement habits that will extend your current range of motion

I have trained with the best in orthopedic massage including Erik Dalton, James Waslaski, and Whitney Lowe.  Most importantly, I Love my Work & I Love Working with my Clients!

I look forward to working with you to help you Regain Your Optimal Muscular Mechanics & Pain Freedom!

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DE LMT License #0002380