One of the primary objectives of The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method is to:
1. Assess the current state of your muscular systems - and
2. Compare those results to their ideal positions and range of motion - AKA your Optimal Muscle Mechanics!

During our session together, we'll use various orthopedic massage techniques, including my fav - Muscle Energy Techniques - to restore your Optimal Muscle Mechanics so that you can enjoy Pain-Free Living and Optimal Competitiveness on the field or court.

The Challenge:

We all end up with "muscle habits" - AKA, the way we've been doing things - which often means that we're achy and sometimes, just plain in pain.

In the beginning, consistent orthopedic massages sessions PLUS at-home strengthening and stretching exercises make all the difference in helping you re-write your existing pain-based muscle habits to assure Pain-Free Living and the ability to do what you want, when you want without having to tell friends or family "to go ahead without me" because the pain and discomfort has gotten too intense.

The ability to enhance my orthopedic massage-based stretch and strengthening exercises, was the main inspiration for my ACE Certified Personal Training.   I'm excited about the new dimensions that I'll now be able to add to my already successful TMBW Massage Method.

So if You're Ready to Get Mind-Body Optimized and Feel Great Again -- Let's Get Started!

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