Shoulder Sense – Understanding Your Shoulder to Amp Your Shot – Part I

TMBW Massage - Shoulder Sense:
The Snow Angel Test

In tennis, paddle, and even sports like lacrosse, the shoulder is arguably the most critical to your ability to score and the most stressed joint in your game. This Shoulder Sense series is dedicated to helping you understand this vital joint and how to get it Optimized to Amp Your Shot and your Game!

First, Some Background:

The shoulder has the greatest range of motion – largely because of the advantages of its ball and socket joint. If you think about it, the only other ball and socket joint is the hip.

Both of these “ball and socket” AKA “capsule” joints have tremendous range of motion – more than any of the other joints in the body. And between the two, the shoulder has the greatest range of motion.

One way to test your shoulder vs. hip’s range of motion is to do the “Snow Angel” test.

To do the “Snow Angel” test, sweep your arms upward as if you’re making a “snow angel.” If your shoulder capsule is healthy, you can readily raise your arm above your head - completing a 180° arc of movement.

Now make a “snow angel” with your leg as it travels within your hip socket. If your hip had the same flexibility as your arm, you could bring your leg upward so that it rested alongside your torso.

It’s not happening, I know…But it does help us understand an important point.

Your hip has tremendous range of motion compared to your other joints, however, it’s range of motion is limited by how your hip bone holds your leg bone within its capsule.

In other words, the “arena” of your hip capsule has a larger bony surface that holds the ball atop your leg bone more securely in place – and its greater bony support gives your hip greater stability for every hop, skip, and jump, etc. that you take.

A Healthy Shoulder Socket – Your Arm and Its Arena of Play:

To give you greater flexibility, your shoulder socket “arena” has a different construction – namely, a smaller bony area. It’s as if your hip capsule is shaped like a bony bowl while your shoulder capsule only has a single bony side with the remaining sides of the “shoulder socket bowl” are made of a system of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

And at its best, this shoulder system allows the greatest level of flexibility and mobility – allowing the ball atop your arm bone freedom to travel throughout the entire arena.

So if it feels like you don't have full range of motion of your arm within your Shoulder Arena - Your Shot and Your Game is less than it could be.

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