Shoulder Sense – Understanding Your Shoulder to Amp Your Shot – Part II

TMBW Massage - Shoulder Sense:
How Your Shoulder is like The Thanksgiving Parade Floats

We’ve recently talked about how the shoulder socket is like an arena in which the ball atop your arm bone travels. In an ideal world – and this is the aim of The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method – this “arm ball” will have “free range of motion” which in turn allows your arm to dance within that entire arena.

The Key to Your Shoulder’s Flexibility, Range of Motion, and Ultimately, Strength:

The Key to your shoulder’s flexibility, range of motion, and ultimately, strength is your shoulder’s tethers – AKA the shoulder’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments – which provide support and as the arm moves within the shoulder capsule through 12 different ranges of motion.

Further, it is my opinion that the strength of the shoulder capsule is tied to “give and go” AKA stretch and strength of the muscles as well as the elasticity of the tendons and ligaments within the full shoulder capsule.

How Your Shoulder is Like A Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon

It’s as if our shoulder is like a Thanksgiving day parade balloon. As you likely recall, the floating parade balloon is "held in place" by ropes held by its many handlers. And while the many handlers (up to 90) hold the balloon in place, their task is actually one of dynamic stability as each line and its individual handler provide “give and go” in response to the several external forces that can act upon the balloon (i.e. wind-speed, turns in the parade route, etc.)

In other words, the balloon gets its stability from those many ropes held dynamically by the give-and-go of each handler who collectively provide the strength to “hold” the parade balloon in place as it floats down the parade route.

In our shoulder system, it’s the ligaments and the muscles with their tendons, that “take the place of the rope handlers” to keep our shoulder structure stable with the “give and go” of each to keep the arm within the shoulder socket both mobile and strong.

And so, it is the health and in my opinion, the elasticity, of your shoulder ligaments as well as the muscles with their tendons that determines both your shoulder's range of motion as well as its strength.

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