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Tennis is a great game and yet so many aspects of your game can be affected by how your body is working.

I’m a great case in point.  I’ve been known to have a killer first serve – it’s fast and has a near perfect curve.  It always brings a big smile to my face when it hits - it's often hard to return.  My problem is that I’m not at all consistent.

I always thought it was an issue of practice, practice, practice.  However, through my studies in orthopedic massage, I’ve learned that there was a more telling factor at play – my own shoulder mechanics.

In other words, because of

    • long hours in front of a computer
      • which resulted in my neck coming forward towards the screen and
      • my shoulder turned inward to rest on a standard keyboard
    • my tendency to shrug my shoulders when I’m focusing,
    • and my habit of tucking my arms close to my chest when lying on my side
-- Because of all of these things, I had compromised shoulder mechanics.

In other words, because of my own compromised muscle mechanics, my body adapted by sacrificing the elasticity of my fascia to lock my shoulder into that compromised structure.

What that means is that the support structure of my own fascia was now rigid, rather than elastic, - and that rigidity kept my shoulder locked in the forward position.

And so now, every time I attempted to swing my arm back to power up my serve, my arm had to fight to swing through the rigid structure of my shoulder.

Without shoulder elasticity, my arm required more power to swing, resulting in less efficiency, and a greater tendency to an inconsistent swing arc.

What Sets Massage with The Mind Body Whisperer Apart from Other Massage Practices

What sets The Mind Body Whisperer apart is our focus on helping you understand your current muscle mechanics and how those mechanics are either supporting or handicapping your game.  In addition, we will work with you to help you Claim and Sustain Your Own Optimal Muscle Mechanics so that you can Optimize Your Body and Your Tennis Game!

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