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I am admittedly new to the game of Paddle.  How I wish I'd known about Paddle and had been able to play for years!  I am absolutely intrigued by any game that allows me to play off the fence - and engage that high level of strategy vs. braun...What a great game!

While paddle tennis shares some of the same muscle issues as tennis (Click here to get further insights via TMBW's Optimize Your Tennis post), paddle dynamics including

  • the heavier ball and
  • the more paddle racket

create a similar yet different impact on your body - particularly, your elbow.

Here’s a few of the ways that compromised muscle mechanics will cause problems for your Paddle game:

  • If your shoulders are rolled forward,
    • your stroke will be compromised and
    • your stroke strength will be more reliant on your triceps and elbow muscles causing tennis elbow problems
  • If your pecs and biceps are too tight – or even too strong –
    • your shoulders will be elevated and pronated and your back muscles will become weakened causing you to lose stroke strength
  • If you tend to walk – or even stand - on the edge of your foot,
    • you’ll lose speed and balance on the court particularly as you lunge to the side for the get
  • If your foot tends to be turned outward,
    • your hips will be compacted, and
    • your hams and glutes will be robbed of their best strength and speed
  • If you tend to shrug your shoulders,
    • you’ll lose range of motion and
    • rob the power of your overhead smash

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