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As a member of the Sports Massage Team of the Delaware AMTA, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many cyclists in the post-event massage tent.  As you might imagine, one gets a lot of insight into a cyclist’s form and muscle mechanics at two event points:

  1. As the cyclist approaches the finish line
    • i.e. when the fatigue of the event exposes the cyclist's “bare bones” muscle mechanics and movement tendencies
  1. Once the cyclist lies down on the massage table
    • i.e. when the rigor of the event sets in and the evidence of compensating movement patterns become evident, including locked joints that "can't extend" readily and muscles that "can't relax" easily

Common Compromised Muscle Mechanics in Cycling

Post event, one thing that I often notice with cyclists is that their joints tighten and seemingly locked in place. Once joints are locked in place, all other movement patterns are effectively compromised and pain patterns are almost assured.

The following are some of the top cycling "joint locks" I see in my orthopedic massage practice and training.
– PS Unwinding these symptoms becomes the focus of our sessions at The Mind Body Whisperer:

  1. Locked hip joints which can result from:
    • A foot down-stroke with an externally rotated leg
  1. Pattellar Tendinosis which can result from:
    • An imbalance in the hamstrings vs. quads – often with glutes that are not fully engaged as part of the muscular team
  1. Locked ankle joints which can result from tight calf muscles and Achilles Tendonitis:
    • If your foot posture is constantly pitched - and unable to engage its natural pumping mechanism - your Achilles will effectively be contracted 24-7 resulting in locked ankle joints and a host of structural difficulties

Each of the above symptoms will cause pain and will handicap your Cycling Competitiveness and/or your Cycling Fun.

Why You Should Add The Mind Body Whisperer to Your Training Team:

While relaxing your muscles after a cycling event or trip is nice, The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method is focused on working with you to Optimize your Muscle Mechanics so that you will experience less post event pain and discomfort.

One of my clients described The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method as “Long Term Relaxation and Immediate Strength Optimization.”

In other words, if your muscle mechanics are off – or compromised, you will have

    • dramatically increased the likelihood of injury
    • and enduring pain –
    • and the probability that you’ll be sidelined for the season.

All of Which are Not Acceptable! And Not Necessary with the help of The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method.

During our sessions, we’ll focus on accessing your current muscle mechanics and work together - guided by scientifically based massage and movement techniques - to re-optimize your muscle mechanics and Optimize Your Cycling!

So, If You're Ready to Optimize your Cycling? -- Let's Get Started!

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I look forward to working with you and to helping you Optimize Your Cycling!
The Mind Body Whisperer 
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