I met Christine in an auto repair shop waiting room. I was in extreme pain and waiting for my car was not a pleasant experience. Over 6 weeks before I had landed in the emergency room with one of the worst pains in my life. The pain was in my right lower leg. The ER staff had determined I did not have a broken leg or blood clot and sent me home to figure out where else to turn. By the time I met Christine I had been to my personal care physician, an orthopedic doctor and a neurosurgeon. I have a scheduled appointment with a neurologist, but had to wait over two months for that appointment. I saw no end for the pain and was trying to live life in extreme pain each day. I was using prescription pain killers often and it wasn’t the way I wanted to live. My life was down to going to work and coming home to sit and do nothing.

Christine and I started a conversation and she gave me some great thoughts on what might be going on with my leg and what as a massage therapist she could to help lower my leg pain. I agreed to meet with her for a massage to see if she in fact would help the pain level. After that first hour and a half visit I started to feel some change. I continued to see her on a weekly basis for the next two months. I have seen a marked improvement in the pain level and I have learned ways to overcome bad habits that could be causing the problem. Although I’m not yet 100% better I can now walk without depending on crutches or a cane for short distances. I can again go shopping in the supermarket without only walking down one or two isles and having to leave. Although I still depend on a cane outside my home I can walk slowly around my office without the cane but need it for any short distance walking – to and from my car at work, grocery shopping, doing daily activities.

I am a full believer in what Christine is doing and look forward to the day when I will be pain free.

Barbara W., - Pain Massage. Results: Extreme Pain Reduced

Christine’s massage therapy approach is one of restorativeness and compassion.  My background…. I have practiced yoga for 30 or so years and regularly – about 3 times a week – worked out in the gym.  Along the way, I have also worked with physical therapists many times.

While benefiting greatly from each, Christine’s practice has helped me achieve even greater gains.  In my search to address health issues, I am also pleased that I have gotten less pain and more flexibility – without any prescription drugs – from Christine’s work.

Christine’s orthopedic massage work raises the bar on the progress that I have made through other practices.  I am spreading the good news to my friends and family about Christine’s practice and the work she does.

Marge P., - Restorative and Compassionate Massage Therapy. Results: Less Pain, More Flexibility

My wife received successful massage therapy from Christine Eckery for her shoulder and she suggested I see Christine. For nearly four months I had pain in my right shoulder, particularly playing tennis. So, within the last month, I scheduled a massage therapy session with Christine.

In my first session Christine evaluated my condition and conducted a thorough examination of me. She clearly explained why I was experiencing pain and how that pain could be relieved or ‘unblocked’.

My tightness throughout much of my body reflected the regular weight lifting and cardio exercise I do. Christine loosened my tight muscles and worked on giving me greater flexibility.

In my second session within a week thereafter, Christine specifically worked on my shoulder, and so unblocked it that I felt wonderful. Since then I have returned to tennis, playing several times a week, and I have not experienced any shoulder pain.

In addition to obtaining great results for me, Christine’s method of therapy was very educational. She explains what she is finding as to my condition, what she intends to do about it, and inquires how I feel as she engages in her therapy.

At the conclusion, she gave me specific exercises to maintain the pain-free condition that she had created in my shoulder. She even came out to the parking lot at the end of the session, with additional ideas for stretches and exercises.

Following my successful therapy, I gave her name to a friend of mine who has had foot problems so severe that he has not played tennis for 6 months. After 2 sessions, he is now playing with us weekly.

Allen T., - Tennis shoulder massage, Results: Returned to Tennis & No Shoulder Pain