I have been a hairstylist for almost 20 years, so my whole body is completely destroyed. Christine is the only massage therapist that I've ever found relief with. I hate to call her that because she is just SO much more. If you're looking for a fru-fru massage, don't bother. She helps those of us who have actual issues.

My shoulders are an absolute mess and when she works on them I can actually sleep at night. She helps to correct the problem and gives you exercises and tips on how to prevent your issues from getting worse. She has me wear shorts and a sports bra to my massages because she puts me into some crazy positions and makes you kinda "work with her" to allow your muscles to release. Christine is awesome!

Cristy A, – Hairstylist Shoulder Massage Results: Shoulders were a mess - Now, I can actually sleep at night!

I injured my hamstring playing tennis.  I tried Physical Therapy, but it didn't seem to improve my condition.  What made the difference - working with Christine, The Mind Body Whisperer.  Christine's work helped me regain confidence and return to physical activity and best of all, I was pain free.

I tell all my friends, when they complain of pain or muscular injury, to do themselves the favor and make an appointment.  Your body will thank you, because she IS the Mind Body Whisperer.

Amy C, - Tennis Massage. Results: Pain-free physical activity

After many experiences with massage therapists, I was reluctant to believe that any would be able to help my fibromyalgia pain. Then I was in an auto accident and my chiropractor prescribed bodywork and massage.

Christine’s technique turned out to be totally different and that difference not only helped in my auto accident recovery, it also created an awareness and recovery from the fibromyalgia.

Her intuition and body wisdom is a great tool for recreating the perceptions we have of our pain. I highly recommend Christine’s work to anyone who has tried other therapies without results. She has the gift to heal.

Jo R., - Fibromyalgia Massage. Results: Recovery from the Fibromyalgia

Christine has worked with my office as a Licensed Massage Therapist for several years. By specializing in orthopedic massage, she has been instrumental in helping difficult cases respond well to treatments.

Whether it’s a patient suffering from an auto accident,  a weekend warrior or desk-jockey, her professionalism, healing talent and extensive experience has made her an invaluable part of our treatment team.

Dr. Scott Rosenthal, - Treatment Team Massage Testimonial. Results: Difficult cases respond well to treatments.