Orthopedic Massage Package policy


Over the years, I have found my greatest success helping my clients Feel Great Again! when we’re able to have a cluster of sessions in quick succession at the beginning of our work together- followed by periodic sessions to help maintain the optimal level of activity and pain-free living that we’ve achieved in those earlier sessions.

I always love a win-win scenario and so I’ve created price discounted packages of orthopedic massage sessions to help make it easier to quickly get on track to shift your existing and often pain-ful muscle habits to new Pain-Free muscle patterns and activity levels.

My most popular package is (5) 90 minute sessions for $450 (a $175 savings over single session prices!)

My other packages are:
(3) 90 minute orthopedic massage sessions for $300
(7) 60 minute orthopedic massage sessions for $450

Single Sessions are:
(1) 90 minute orthopedic massage session for $125
(1)60 minute orthopedic massage session for $85

If for any reason you need to cancel your package of orthopedic massage sessions, we will gladly provide a refund. Our refund policy – I hope we’ll get a chance to chat first so that we can explore ways to make our sessions together work better for your system. Orthopedic massage can feel like a “workout session” with a “workout level of soreness” after the first session or two. If that’s the case, I’ll gladly modify my techniques – I’m dedicated to helping You Feel Great Again however it might work for you and your body.

None the less, if you need to cancel your package, you will be refunded as follows – unfortunately, you will lose the package pricing and so your refund will be the package price paid less a charge for any sessions used at the regular orthopedic massage session price. We will then gladly refund the remainder.

Thanks for the opportunity to Help You Feel Great Again!
Christine Eckery, The Mind Body Whisperer


Will I experience any benefit from my Therapeutic/Sports Massage from The Mind Body Whisperer?


According to my past and current clients, you will likely be amazed by how quickly you will experience a dramatic difference in the way your body feels and moves.

Time and time again, my clients are delighted by how wonderful it is to re-experience ease of movement - often with "less" or "no more" pain.

Please understand that I can’t always help you feel 110% better after one session – sometimes it takes time to unwind and reset well ingrained muscle patterns – many of which have become subconscious habits.

I can tell you that many have my clients have experienced a tremendous difference – AKA a seeming instantaneous gratification and improvement – in their ability to move after just one appointment. And the level of mobility and movement comfort tends to improve more and more after each appointment!

The following are a few of my client’s experiences – each story is used with the permission of each individual:

* Allen had been experiencing nearly four months of pain in his right shoulder, particularly when playing tennis. After several therapeutic sessions and self-care routines with Christine, The Mind Body Whisperer, Allen was able to again play tennis several times a week PAIN FREE!

* Shelley came for her therapeutic massage session in “intense pain” & was impressed that we were able to get to the “right spot” so quickly. She was incredibly excited to leave our session PAIN FREE!

*After weeks of pain and pain medication, after one appointment with Christine, The Mind Body Whisperer, Don joined his family and friends for four pain-free rounds of bowling.

If your condition has been more chronic, I’ll hope that you’ll join me for additional treatment sessions so that you can experience a more complete mind-body balance so that your muscles move easier and with a more complete and full range of motion.

Hope to work with you soon!
Christine, The Mind Body Whisperer
Dedicated to Helping You Dominate Your Sport and Enjoy Pain-Free Living!


Will my massage at The Mind Body Whisperer hurt?


To answer this question, some quick background….In 1987, I was in a head-on auto accident in Mexico. For years, I hobbled around with, often intense, muscular pain. At the time, I was a VP in Acquisition Finance and was frankly a “hot mess” when traveling for business because of the special pillows and cushions that brought with me every time I went out of town.

Ultimately, I was incredibly anxious to get beyond the pain that I was experiencing. As such, I was absolutely delighted – and incredibly hopeful – to learn that an acquaintance had studied massage therapy techniques in China.

Unfortunately for me, his techniques included using his elbow to apply 30 pounds of pressure directly onto my muscle spasm. His elbow hurt so intensely that I wanted to scream, fly through the roof – anything and everything I could do to escape the incredibly intense pain! Argh!

Lesson Learned:
I learned an amazing lesson in that moment (1) how painful a massage technique can be and (2) how quickly my body goes into protective mode when a massage technique becomes intensely painful.

I was inspired to search for therapeutic massage techniques that would achieve great results but would not subject my clients to the same intense pain that I had experienced that day.

The good news is I found it!

The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method Difference:
Rather than grinding at muscles to “work out” the muscle spasm, The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method uses light-resistance-based movement sequences to help the body unwind muscle spasms and pain patterns.

Different than most, The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method also includes resetting your muscular mechanics so that you can change the way you move and in turn enjoy pain-free living.


What happens if I experience pain during my massage session?


Importantly, I have an agreement with my clients to keep me posted on their pain levels during our work together. While I’m quite good at perceiving the discomfort levels of my clients, some of my clients will also tell you that they have experienced some discomfort/pain via The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method.

As such, I use the scientifically supported pain-thermometer during our sessions, AKA
The “0-to- 10” scale where
* “0” equals absolutely no sense of pain while
* “10” equals so much intense pain that you’re ready to go through the roof

Recognizing that the objective of The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method is to help you alleviate painful muscle patterns, there is often some level of pain that will be experienced during the session. The good news is that it generally doesn't last very long. So that we're in sync,

A pain level of 1 - 3 usually suggests that there is a slight "kink" in your muscles that is quickly massaged through.

However, the actual massage therapy that will "change your life" and dramatically improve your comfort level and reduce the pain you experience often starts at a level between 4 and 6. The good news is that The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method generally means that we will generally be able to work through your 4-to-6 level pain quickly.

If you experience a pain level around 7 and 8 - and for some reason I miss it - please let me know immediately. Per The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method, a pain level of 7 or 8 usually means that we need to unwind another muscle system first - or we need to work through a back door so that we can in turn unwind the 7 or 8 level of pain and assure that the pattern is reset so that it does not return.


How do clients feel at the end of their session with The Mind Body Whisperer Orthopedic/Sports massage?


Many of my clients report that they felt great after an therapeutic/sports massage session with The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method and were excited to get active immediately. Many of my clients report a seeming “instant gratification” – AKA immediate improvements like the following:

  1. An improved drive off the tee and a more consistent golf game because their hips rotate more fully and they can better power their golf swing.
  2. A stronger overhead smash in their next competitive tennis game because their shoulder muscles have greater range of motion and they can better setup and power their shot.
  3. Less pain after their next 5K run because their calves and hamstrings are now better balanced and are no longer screaming in pain after their run!
  4. More fun playing tennis because their new ankle flexibility and strength allows them to get to their opponent’s tennis shot faster and plant quickly for better power for their return volley.
  5. More competitive spikes in volleyball games because their freer shoulder motion allows them to cock back and power their shot with greater accuracy.
  6. More ease of hip movement and greater comfort walking.
  7. Greater endurance when biking.
  8. Greater hope.

To facilitate your healing process and speed your healing, each session of The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method incorporates BioMat infrared heat.


What if I have an Issue with Being Touched or Sometimes Get Scared When I’m Touched?


In our society, touch is a curious thing. In the best of worlds, touch can be both commonplace and a lovely part of the human experience. Science tells us that the brains of children that are appropriately touched (i.e. hugged, have their hand held, etc.), generally have internal brain structures that are better able to tolerate stress throughout their lives.  Sadly, however, touch can also be part of some of the most scary and terrifying of life experiences.

One of the advantages of working with me, Christine Eckery, The Mind Body Whisperer is that I have a strong background in psychology and have been Delaware certified trauma therapist not currently practicing). I have also studied trauma focused bodywork.

As a licensed massage therapist, I have worked with clients that have a history of sexual abuse. In that context, I focus on work that will help you become more aware of and grounded in your body.

I will encourage you to take the lead – or if you’re more comfortable, work with me – to set the parameters of our work together.  Some clients prefer to start with the basics, i.e. setting up the therapeutic massage table.  Others prefer to specify where (i.e. shoulders) they will feel the most comfortable with a therapeutic massage.  Our focus, under all circumstances, will be to make certain that you feel safe to and comfortable with our therapeutic massage work together.

I take my profession as a therapeutic massage therapist seriously and am focused on helping my clients move more freely and with less pain - always under terms that will be the most comfortable and will assure a sense of safety.


How Do I Pay for my Appointments at The Mind Body Whisperer?


There are several ways that you can use to pay for your Appointments at The Mind Body Whisperer.  Please feel free to choose any of the following:


Cancellation Policy at The Mind Body Whisperer


At The Mind Body Whisperer Therapeutic & Sports Massage Therapy we understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life.   In fact, we understand that there are a multitude of life stresses and delays that can interfere with your commitment to taking care of yourself through massage therapy appointments with The Mind Body Whisperer.   In an effort to be equitable and fair to all of our clients as well as me and my family, we’ve adopted the following policies:

  • Please provide a minimum of 24 hours (preferably 48 hours) notice when canceling an appointment. This timing provides an opportunity for another client to schedule an appointment in your original time slot.
  • If you are unable to give us 24 hours advanced notice and we are unable to fill your time slot, we reserve the right to charge the full amount of what would have been your appointment fee. At our discretion, we will (a) require that you pay this fee at the beginning of your next appointment or (b) as applicable, we will deduct the amount from the remaining value of your gift certificate.
  • Although we also understand that the stresses of life happen, any individual that either forgets or consciously chooses to forego their appointment, for whatever reason, will be considered a “no-show”. In this situation, clients will be charged for their “missed” appointment and payment will be due at your next appointment.