Pain Sucks! And is Often our Habit.

Worse yet, Pain often seems to become our worst habit.

What, you say?!!?

Let's be honest. Doesn’t it seem that we often have this never ending thing called pain -- that crazy, uncomfortable habitual thing that happens constantly, consistently, and unfortunately, painfully.

Hi!  My name is Christine Eckery and I am The Mind Body Whisperer. And, The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method is dedicated to helping you unwind painful muscle habits so that you can:

  1. Optimize your game and
  2. Enjoy the many things that you love to do with family and friends
    • any time and any place without the fear of having to “sit this one out.”

When a client comes to our appointment and tells me about the pain they are experiencing, I tend to think about their situation as a set of Pain Habits. In other words, we all know that:

  • Life happens
  • We have things to do
  • We have places to go
  • Successes to be had AND as we all know,
  • We Gotta’ keep running

And on the run – We often make what I call, “Spur of the Moment” adaptations – or SOMAs.

SOMAs are the last minute twists & turns we make so that we can keep running.

Unfortunately, There Can Be Problems:

However, there can be problems with our Spur of the Moment Adaptations.  They “save our lives” in that we can keep running, yet…Our SOMAs and their unexpected muscular twists and turns often

  • Sacrifice our body’s optimal muscle mechanics

And we end up

  • Adopting “less than optimal” or “compromised muscular mechanics” AKA CMMs

Which means, to keep running:

  • You’ve forfeited pain-free muscular mechanics
  • Your new CMM, AKA pain-based habit will persist until you restore your body’s optimal muscle mechanics

And here’s the Good News

The primary objective of The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method is

  • Helping you restore your body’s optimal muscle mechanics to
  • Reduce the probability that you’ll experience pain so that
  • You can claim Pain-Freedom for your very own!

So IF You’re Ready to Optimize Your Muscle Mechanics and Claim Pain Freedom

– I Can Help You Feel Great Again!

Call or Text me, Christine, @ 302/593-9262 or email me @ and

Have a Great Week!
The Mind Body Whisperer- Dedicated to Helping You Optimize for Your Favorite Sport and Pain-Free Living!

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