All I Ever Do is Pain, Pain, Pain! & How We Got There.

Sometimes its like the "All I Ever Do is Pain" song constantly chimes in our heads?

We get to this place in our lives for a whole host of reasons.  In other words, throughout our lives, we frequently feel compelled to live our lives at a

  • fast pace,
  • always on the run,
  • all the while hoping that we can get everything done.

On the run, we often seem to adopt, what I call, “Spur of the Moment Adaptations” – AKA, those twists and turns that allow us to meet the craziness of our lives so that we can keep running.

Unfortunately, our Spur of the Moment Adaptations often sacrifice Optimal Muscle Mechanics.

And we often don’t know how to do anything else, we usually don’t circle back to reset those Spur of the Moment Adaptations to their ideal, optimal and pain-free state AKA their Optimal Muscle Mechanics

And we end up with Compromised Muscle Mechanics, that are PAINFUL.

When we’re young, we often

  • Override our painful Compromised Muscle Mechanics – Because we Can!

Which means we often

  • Adopt painfully Compromised Muscle Mechanics and
  • Take on Painful Muscle Habits
  • But for now, we Keep Running and Doing!

When we’re older, we’ve been

  • Overriding our painfully Compromised Muscle Mechanics for years and ultimately,
  • Grinding our muscles and joints in those now old and well ingrained pain habits

And over time,

  • And our bodies are sooo tired of years of pain patterns, and
  • Our muscles are cranky from putting up with Compromised Muscle Mechanics, and
    • They scream even louder with pain and
    • Keep us from doing many of our favorite things
    • Instilling the fear that we’ll be in pain for the rest of our lives and
    • Crippling our Hope for a Pain-Free life and/or
      • a life beyond the Pain-filled lives that we watched our parents suffer

The Good News…

I am absolutely certain that we DO NOT have to be subjected to mind-body pain for the rest of our lives!  In fact, my life’s mission is to help my clients:

  • Recognize their current pain-based muscle habits
  • Learn how to Restore their Optimal Muscle Mechanics
  • Claim their own Pain Freedom!

In other words, time and time again, through The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method, I have found that once you restore Optimal Muscle Mechanics

  • The body and your muscles are all too eager to leave the pain behind, and
  • Reclaim Pain Freedom!

So IF You’re Ready to Optimize Your Muscle Mechanics and Claim Pain Freedom – I Can Help You Feel Great Again!

Call or Text me, Christine, @ 302/593-9262 or email me @ and


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