“My Body is All Messed Up” and What to Do About it

Curiously, several of my new clients have introduced themselves with the phrase,

My Body is All Messed Up.”

My response - "It's more about "bad" habits that keep your muscles working in less-than-optimal ways.  And, the Good News, is that once you become aware of your current muscle mechanics and how to shift them to your own Optimal Muscle Mechanics, you'll experience

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Greater Mobility
  • Greater Range of Motion
  • Less Pain
  • More Hope (that you can live into older age without major limitations and with less pain)"

Part of the task becomes learning what are some of the things that we do every day that cause us Pain!  Here's a list of the top things that we do, habitually - and without any thought, that ultimately cause us shoulder, neck, and upper back pain.

  • The Computer Crunch – AKA the 8-hour a-day shoulder crunch
    • As we type on a keyboard, our shoulders curl – 8 hours a day, every-work-day
    • Seemingly to help us concentrate, our shoulders rise towards our ears
      • At Issue: The computer crunch keeps your pecs contracted and your rotator cuff muscles overstretched while tightening your shoulder shrugger muscles (levator scapulae)
      • Result: Mid-Back and Shoulder Pain
  • 10 & 2 at the Steering Wheel – You Know our Driver’s Ed Teachers had it Wrong!
    • With our hands at 10 & 2, our shoulders curl inward to keep our hands in defensive driver mode
      • At Issue: The 10 & 2 defensive driver keeps your pecs contracted and your rotator cuff muscles overstretched and
      • Result: Mid-Back and Shoulder Pain
  • The ‘Power Pecs’ Workout – The Problem with a Pec-focused work out.
    • When your workouts focus on your pecs and ignore your rhomboids (the muscle between your shoulder blades,) they throw your optimal muscle mechanics
      • At Issue: Your Pecs are continuously strengthened and pull your front shoulder structure forward and your rotator cuff muscles (back of your shoulder muscles) are continuously stretched to the point that they lose strength and muscle tone.
      • Result: Mid-Back and Shoulder Pain
  • The Comfy Sleeper’s Tuck – The Perils of Sleeping on Your Side
    • When you sleep on your side and comfortably curl your shoulders to your chest, once again your shoulders curl inward and overstretch your mid-back and shoulder blade muscles
    • On our side, our pillows are often lower than our cervical vertebrae - AKA the neck portion of our spine - causing a pinched-neck all-nighter.
      • At Issue: The Comfy Side-Sleeper’s Tuck keeps your pecs contracted and your rotator cuff muscles overstretched and the side-of-your-neck muscles contracted on the pillow side and overstretched on the ceiling side of your neck.
      • Result: Mid-Back, Shoulder, and Neck Pain

The Solution:

  • Orthopedic Massage sessions with The Mind Body Whisperer
  • Muscle balancing homework recommendations
  • Adjustments to computer work postures
  • Changes to steering wheel hand patterns
  • Adjustments to side-sleeping habits

So IF You’re Feeling Shoulder Pain and You’re Ready to

  • Optimize Your Mobility and Flexibility
  • and Reclaim Pain Freedom

I Can Help You Optimize Your Body so that you can Feel Great Again!

Call or Text me, Christine, @ 302/593-9262 or email me @ TMBW.Massage@gmail.com and


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