It’s All in the Way You’re Firing…How Freeloading Glutes Guarantee Low Back Pain

Hebb once said, “Neurons that fire together, Wire together.”

Through my work as a licensed massage therapist, I am also certain that “Muscles that fire together, wire together.”

Why is this important?  Because "Life Happens" and as a result of

  • Old accidents,
  • Poor posture, and
  • The muscular twists and turns that we make to keep up with our lives

…we tend to shift away from our optimal muscular mechanics (OMMs) to compromised muscle mechanics (CMMs.)

Our compromised muscle mechanics in time become our norm AKA our default mode for the way we move in the world.

And, in turn, our compromised muscle mechanics become neurologically re-enforced as our day-to-day activities causes our off-muscle-mechanics to fire together...and voila, wire together.

To get an idea of this condition, think about a herd of cows.  Herded cows , I understand, tend to follow the same trail, year after year.  Year after year, the same herd of cows travel over the same pathway to the point that the Over time, the constancy of the herd traveling along the same path causes the pathway to become physically well-ingrained.   It is not necessarily the best path, it is just the well-ingrained path that the cows travel.

Similarly, I propose, that our compromised muscle mechanics become a well-ingrained default mode for the way we move in the world.

So now for a real world example.  As my tennis and paddle tennis players know, the strength of your swing is critical to your success on the court.

Fun facts for your day, your supraspinatus muscle, the muscle on the top of your shoulder blade, is responsible for initiating the first 10-20% of the up-swing of your arm (as it swings to the side and away from your body.)

The supraspinatus muscle attaches to your shoulder blade at two points:

  1. The inside edge of your shoulder blade above the shoulder blade's bony ridge and
  2. The top and middle of the ball at the top of your arm bone.

Notice that the supraspinatus muscle sits atop the shoulder blade and the ball at the top of your arm bone sits at a neutral position.


The Pain Problem:

Curiously, our day-to-day activities tend to shift the position of the ball atop our arm bone forward.  I



To help my clients Reclaim Pain Freedom, we work towards optimal muscle firing orders.

To get an idea of what an optimal firing order is all about, think about your car engine’s cylinders.  As you know, it is critical that your spark plugs fire in the proper order.  If they don’t, your car doesn’t move.

Similarly, for pain-free living, there is an optimal muscle firing order for many of our muscle networks.

Curiously, over 90% of my clients who schedule an appointment because of low back pain have glutes that aren’t firing in their proper order.

In other words, consider your walk.  Our ability to walk forward is initiated by our quads (our front thigh muscles).  And the follow-through of our walking gait involves the following optimal muscle firing order:

1st. Hamstrings

2nd. Glutes

3rd. Opposite side low back erector muscles

4th. Same side low back erector muscles

In the case of my low back pain clients, the opposite side low back erector muscles are trying to be the prima donna and seemingly compete with the hamstrings to be first in the firing order!

A further crazy thing… the low back erector muscles (the muscles that sit alongside your spine) are about 1.5” wide and seemingly attempt to take up the work slack of the glute muscles that are massive by comparison and are either not firing or firing with substantially less than their full capacity.

The Solution:

  • Orthopedic Massage sessions with The Mind Body Whisperer
  • Muscle balancing homework recommendations
  • Reactivating your glutes
  • Adjustments to your muscle firing order for your walking gait, raising your arm, and even raising your neck upward

So IF You’re Feeling Pain and You’re Ready to

  • Optimize Your Body
  • and Claim Pain Freedom

I Can Help You Optimize Your Body and Feel Great Again!

Call or Text me, Christine, @ 302/593-9262 or email me @ and


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