Set Shoulders & Hips!

And once your spine is secure, the next step, is to

Set your Shoulders and Hips.

When you think about it, your spine acts as the drive train of your body and your hips and shoulders are the engines that power your movement, the strength of your swing, etc. etc.

Here's what I mean, your vehicle's drive train is the group of components that deliver power to drive your wheels. Similarly, its the spine, through it's nerves and stabilizing structure, that provide the juice to fuel the power behind your hips and shoulders.

Yet you will get your greatest power when your shoulders and hips are optimally positioned and stable.

Here we'll talk about lifting, in another post, we'll talk about hip and shoulder capsule stability for sports involving a power swing.

So, for lifting...

Let me start by relating my history...

I have a history of enjoying group classes at the gym. In fact, I generally prefer them. I love the Les Mills variety - both Body Pump and Body Combat. Over the years, I've taken many of these classes - at different gyms and with many different instructors.

After one class, not that long ago, I was talking to an instructor who just happened to mention that my form for squats was "way off." I was appreciative of her insight, yet also frustrated that for years I've taken those classes and I'm certain, used the same form - and No One has ever said anything to me about my form. So not good.

So, here's the proper form...

1. Secure your spine - AKA tighten your glutes and your abs.
2. Secure your hip alignment - AKA, while keeping your feet straight, externally rotate your leg bones to secure them in their hip capsules.
3. Secure your shoulder alignment - AKA, externally rotate your arm bones to effectively "lock them in place" in your shoulder capsule for added stability for your upper spine.
4. Lead the squatting motion with your glutes and hams - NOT YOUR KNEES.
5. Make certain that your knees stay in line with your ankles - don't let them come forward.
6. Keep your feet straight - DON'T LET THEM turn outward like a duck.
7. As you lower your body, allow your knees to rotate outward slightly - DON'T LET THEM rotate inward.

"Good Form is the key to Good Living and Pain Freedom." Christine


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