Muscle Firing Order!

The vast majority of my clients with low back pain - easily more than 90% - have muscle firing order issues. 

The most common mis-fire...
Glutes that don't fire in sequence resulting in the low back muscles "taking up the glutes' workload slack."


Just like a car engine and its pistons, there is an ideal firing order for the muscles in a movement sequence.

For example, as we walk, the following is the muscle firing sequence that propels us forward.  To get an idea, imagine that your right leg is in the back position of your of your gait.

Here's your ideal muscle firing order:

1st muscle to fire:  Right Hamstrings
2nd muscle to fire:  Right Glutes
3rd muscle to fire:  Left back erector muscle (the ~ 1" muscle that lies alongside your spine)
4th muscle to fire:  Right back erector muscle (the ~ 1" muscle that lies alongside your spine)

What is the Most Typical Pattern of my clients with Back Pain?

The most common muscle firing order pattern for my clients with low back pain, is ...Drum roll please! ( :
1st muscle to mis-fire:  The opposite side erectors - the muscles that should be # 3 are often vying to be #1.

My clients with the greatest level of low back pain are those whose opposite side lower back erectors - in this case, the left erectors, are the 1st to fire - beating out even the hamstrings in the muscle firing order.

How do you know if you have this going on?

To get a quick idea, take your thumbs and place them on either side of your spine, just above pelvis.  If that area feels like a 1" belt strap, you may have a muscle firing order issue.

What amazes me - And Why You Experience Low Back Pain:
If you think about it, both your hamstrings and glutes are massive muscles - capable of exerting amazing levels strength

AND Yet, your low back erectors - each approximately 1" thick are engaging with "all the strength they can muster" to take on the workload of these two muscles and propel your gait forward.  Talk about an underdog scenario!

And unfortunately, even underdogs doing the superhuman task of taking on the workload of your hams and glutes tend to get over-fatigued, arguably cranky, and undeniably painful.

If you're experiencing low back pain, I Can Help!

I can also help you understand the optimal firing order for:

  1. Your side-step moves on the court or field
  2. Your arm movements for your best swing
  3. Even the basics like lifting your head any time you get up in the morning
  4. And so much more!!!

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