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How Well Does Your Body Work for You?

A Foundation of Fitness is the Secret to a Long, Strong, and a Pain-Free Life! AND to your Competitive Edge - Whatever Your Favorite Sport!

And so, the most important question becomes...
How Well Does Your Body Work for You?

  • Muscle Firing Order!

    The vast majority of my clients with low back pain…

  • Bounce!

    "One of the keys to great fitness and pain-free living…

  • Give & Go!

    "The best way to guarantee pain-free living and game-play is…

Phase II: How to Take Your Body to the Next Level

Beyond Body Fitness Basics, your next level is Body Fitness Foundations AKA Your next level of Strength, Balance and Competitiveness and of course, Pain-Free Living!

And so, the next most important question becomes...
How Well Can you Take Your Body Fitness to the Next Level?

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