"The most important element to your Body Fitness Basics is creating a secure spine."

And the key to successfully securing your spine...

Engage your muscles!

...Not just any muscles, but specific muscles, namely...

    • First, engage your glutes.
    • Second, engage your abs - about 20% will do!

And, NEXT ...

Once you engage your glutes and abs,

    • Third, align your body weight - head to toe - by adjusting your pelvis.

What does that MEAN????

Did you know that the easiest way to adjust your pelvis?

    • Tuck your Tailbone, and then
    • Release your Tailbone

AKA...Swing, your tailbone ... back and forth...like you'd swing a pendulum until you feel stability from your head-to-your-toes.

Ultimately, you're adjusting the forward and backward tilt of your pelvis until you can feel head-to-toe stability.

And as you adjust your pelvis forward and back, you'll be able to center your body weight - in a straight line, from

    • the middle of your ear,
    • through your core,
    • your pelvis, and
    • into the center, or arch, of your foot.

CRITICAL NOTE: Before you lift any weight, perform a squat, or even sit in a chair, make sure you first secure your spine.

To Recap,

  1. Engage your glutes,
  2. Engage your abs, and
  3. Adjust the tilt of your pelvis to align your body weight, head-to-toe, and throughout your body.


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