I Will What I Want Motivations – Inspired by Under Armour

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Today’s Motivations are inspired by an UnderArmor “I Will What I Want” campaign as well as several quotes from Misty Copeland, a ballet athlete featured in the UA campaign.

I love the idea of the importance of our thoughts and how we can use them to

  • Guide our lives,
  • Create new opportunities and in turn,
  • Craft our preferred reality – (even though that “new reality” may be dramatically different that our current reality.)

The following UA piece features Misty Copeland (link to YouTube.) As a young girl, Misty had been told that she would never be a ballerina. Among the ‘ticks against her,’:

  • At 5’2”, she was considered "too short"
  • At 13, she started her ballet instruction "too late"’ in life
  • AND, she didn’t have the right body type

Yet, she never “bought” the thoughts of others and persisted until she achieved her goals.

In 2015, Misty was named the principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre. Here’s her UA commercial:

And here are a few Misty Copeland quotes that I particularly enjoy:

You can do anything you want, even if you are being told negative things. Stay strong and find motivation.” Misty Copeland (AZ Quotes)

You must have the passion, strength, and belief that you can become anything.” Misty Copeland (UnderArmor, I will What I Want campaign)

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