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Good Morning!  I hope had a wonderful weekend and that your week looks like a wonderful one!

Today’s Motivations are inspired by Bob Anderson, Todd Hargrove, Donovan McNabb, and Aaron Mattes.

Bob Anderson, Stretching:
Stretching relaxes your mind and tunes up your body...and helps prevent injuries such as muscle strains.  "A strong, pre-stretched muscle resists stress better than a strong, un-stretched muscle."

Donovan McNabb in Stretch to Win:
"We have discovered over the years that instead of counting how long to hold a stretch, athletes can stretch better by synchronizing their breathing with their movement. Counting puts an arbitrary time constraint on the stretch that competes with the actual release of the restricted tissues. Our experience has shown repeatedly that if the athletes instead focus on how they are breathing during a stretch, they get an optimal response from the stretch as well as an increased awareness of their bodies."

Aaron Mattes, Specific Stretching For Everyone:
"Stretching should be a painless process to help improve the quality of life.  Traditionally stretching has been a series of exercises that are held for a prolonged period of time without adequate physiological considerations such as improving circulation, increasing oxygen to the tissues, eliminating the waste products by improved function of the lymph glands and improved nutritional deliverance to the cells.

Proper stretching aids in maintaining the body processes and if performed consistently will contribute to a healthier body, increased longevity and helping retain one's independence."

Todd HargroveA Guide to Better Movement
"Most muscles will fire most efficiently and powerfully if they are preloaded into a moderate stretch before contracting. This allows the muscle to take advantage of elastic recoil and stretch reflexes."

Read more about Stretching in this week's blog post, "What the Stretch!"

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