How to Guarantee a Groin Injury…

...Make Certain Your Inner Thigh is 78% Weaker than Your Outer Thigh

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The Importance of Thigh Muscle Balance to Reduce Injury:

A University of Delaware prospective study found that professional Hockey Players were 17 times more likely to sustain an adductor muscle strain (inner thigh or groin) if their adductor strength was less than 80% of abductor (outer thigh) strength.

I don’t have the research, however, field sports consistently report the incidence of adductor/groin injuries – particularly, in football and soccer. Similarly, golfers and paddle/tennis players are susceptible to adductor/groin injuries and can benefit from a strength balance between their outer and inner thigh muscles.

UD Research Brief:

  • 47 players participated in the study.
  • 8 players experienced 11 adductor muscle strains, and there were 4 hip flexor strains.
  • Uninjured players - Adduction strength (inner thigh strength) was 95% of abduction (outer thigh) strength – a nice balance.
  • Injured players - Adduction strength (inner thigh strength) was 78% of abduction (outer thigh) strength – an muscle imbalance that may have contributed to injury during the season.


  • Orthopedic massage at The Mind Body Whisperer to help balance your inner and outer thigh muscles.
  • Fitness Machines – Work to balance the weights used on both the adductor and abductor machines*.
  • Home Gym - Side lying adduction – add ankle weights as you are able*.

You can find the UD study, The Association of Hip Strength and Flexibility with the Incidence of Adductor Muscle Strains in Professional Ice Hockey Players, at the following link .

*Consult with your doctor before physical activity to assure that you can do so safely. Consult with a physical therapist or personal trainer, as appropriate, to assure proper form and appropriate weights to start your training.

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