Shoulder Sense – The Oddities of Keyboards and Steering Wheels

A funny thing...not long ago, my Microsoft ergonomic keyboard died on me.  I've used it for some time, and once I got used to it, I've loved working with its "better ergonomics."

But, when it comes down to it, we're a family of geeks and so I was able to quickly snag another keyboard from what seems to be our odd collection.

Not thinking that there would be much difference, I was surprised to find that the standard keyboard was actually smaller in width.  And even more surprising, I actually had to curl my shoulders inward to reach the keys reasonably.

With our work, commutes, sleep habits and the like, we all tend to have inwardly rolling shoulders and so I find it all the more important to understand how keyboards and the like challenge our efforts to optimize our shoulder muscle mechanics and more importantly, the level of pain that we experience.

During many of our sessions at The Mind Body Whisperer Massage, we spend time therapeutically helping clients roll their shoulders back to optimize their muscle mechanics and more particularly, the power of their swing.

In addition to keyboard discoveries, I've learned that car ergonomics similarly don't tend to help optimal muscle mechanics and can lead to poor-posture related pain problems.

For example, back in the day, I learned that my hands had to be in the 10-and-2 clock position as they clasped the steering wheel.  Unfortunately, the 10-and-2  hand position, like a standard keyboard, also causes your shoulders to roll inward and in turn, shoulder pain and discomforts.

Fortunately, schools no longer recommend the 10-and-2 hand positioning, primarily, because of air-bags - not shoulder ergonomics.  It turns out that there have been incidents of an air bag deploying and causing the driver to punch themselves in the nose.  Ouch!  Who knew that air bags would be an important contributor to improved shoulder posture and less pain!

Ultimately, it's important to experience optimal muscle mechanics, through opportunities like The Mind Body Whisperer Massage appointments so that as "life" shifts your muscle mechanics, you can shift your muscle mechanics back to their optimal.

Hope you have a wonderful week filled with delightful moments enjoying optimal shoulder muscle mechanics!

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