How’s Your Power Shot? The Muscle Teams that Assure Your Greatest Success

So how is the strength of your power shot?

Many times we think that the power of our shots is all about the strength of our pecs and deltoids (specifically, the anterior, or front deltoids.)

Yet, when we tap into the mechanics of how our body works, there are actually two parts to our Power Shots, namely:

  1.  The backwards sweep of our arm (Team A)
    • Which allows us to Power Up for the forward swing of our forehand,
  2. The forward sweep of our arm (Team B)
    • Which allows us to Power-Forward our forehand stroke

In other words, the backward sweep of our arm allows us to “cock back” and "Power Up" our arm in preparation for the powerful forward swing of our shot AKA our shot's "Power Forward".

A "Quick and Dirty" Basic Intro to your Power Shot

The following is a "Quick and Dirty" Basic Intro to your Power Shot.
(See below for links to more advanced information.)

TEAM Power Shot

Here’s a quick anatomy bit about TEAM Power Shot.

First, remember that there are two parts to your Power Shot, namely,

  • Team A - the backwards sweep of your arm (AKA the Power Up of Your Shot) and
  • Team B - the forward sweep of your arm (AKA the Power Forward  of Your Shot).

Moving forward,

Team A is the first to contract and use it's strength to Power Up your shot.

But here's the tricky part, when Team A contracts to Power Up your Power Shot, Team B must, at the very same time, act as the Stretch and Stability muscles in support of Team A's Power Up maneuver.

Yet, when Team B takes over to Power Forward your Power Shot, Team A must do an immediate "Job Flip-Flop" and release it's "Power Up" based muscle contractions and now instead, provide Stretch and Stability in support of Team B's Power Forward of your Power Shot.

Whew! This is definitely a case of Job Flip-Flops!
In other words, when Team A is contracting to Power Up your shot, Team B has to provide Stretch and Stability. However, when Team B contracts to "Power Forward" your Shot, Team A has to do an immediate Job Flip Flop

Team A Job Flip Flop:

  • Release it's Power Up muscle contraction and immediately
  • Engage it's Stretch and Stability muscle team support system

So, at long last, here are the muscles responsible for the Team A Power Up Strength - PS You may recognize them as some of your rotator cuff muscles...

Team A - Back Stroke Muscles

Team A - The Primary Back Stroke Power Up Strength Muscles are:

    • Posterior Deltoid
    • Infraspinatus
    • Teres Minor

And, working at the same time,

Team B - Back Stroke Stability Muscles

Team B - The Primary Back Stroke Stability and Support Muscles are:

      • Anterior Deltoid
      • Pec major
      • Pec minor

Job Flippers - Team A & Team B Switch Jobs
On the 'Other side of our Power Shot', AKA the forward-motion of our stroke, the above Team A 'Back Stroke Strength Muscles' (infraspinatus, posterior deltoid, teres minor) flip jobs to become the Team B 'Forward Stroke Stability and Support' Muscles.

AND the above Team B 'Back Stroke Stability and Support' Muscles become the Team A 'Forward Stroke Strength' Muscles:

Team A - The Forward Stroke Strength Muscles:

      • Anterior Deltoid
      • Pec major
      • Pec minor

While the critical Team B Stretch, Stability and Support muscles for the Forward part of your Power Shot now are:

Team B - The Forward Stroke Stability and SupportMuscles:

      • Posterior Deltoid
      • Infraspinatus
      • Teres Minor

Concerned about the whether or not your forehand muscle team is optimized for the full strength of your power shot? Click the following posts to read about (3) Quick and Dirty Do It Yourself tests to see if your shoulder muscle teams are optimized to provide you with full strength for your Power Shots:

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AND, If you’re interested in optimizing your muscle teams for greater Power Shot strength and stability - Schedule an appointment Now* and I will help you regain your full shoulder range of motion so that you can Power Every Shot for the Win!

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Additional Information:
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