Stop Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain!

Have you ever tried to bounce out of bed, eager to start your day out right, 

- only to feel like you’d landed on a pain-filled peg leg that just wouldn’t move?

I don’t know about you, but this was my "most uncomfortable, crazy" experience!

First, some fun facts….

    • It's the most common type of foot pain -
      • PF is the most common cause of painful feet in clinical practice
    • Women corner the market on PF
      • AKA PF occurs in women more than men.
      • (Men tend to "capitalize" on Achilles Tendonitis)
    • PF is a tight connective tissue – "under the influence" of tight muscles.
      • Your plantar fascia has it's base at the bottom edge of the underside of your heel and separates to run strands of finger-like fascia to each of your toes.
      • The tight muscles that cause PF - gastrocs, soleus, flexor extensor digitorum & several foot muscles

How do you know if you have
Plantar Fasciitis?

1.  It Bites with Pain! - Plantar fasciitis (PF,) often “bites” with pain when you first wake up and try to walk around.

But where?

      • At the bottom edge of your heel and/or
      • Across the bottom of your foot, especially at your arch and/or
      • Along your toes
So Not Fun!

2. It Gives and then Bites Again with Pain! - In it's earlier stages, PF's early morning "bite” lessens once you're up and walking around,

      • But darn if it doesn’t remain throughout the day as a mild – or just under the surface – muscle spasm.
        • And anticipating the next "bite" can make PF even less fun.
      • Or perhaps worse, plantar fasciitis can also wake you up with a jolt of pain - a pain that's so intense that it curls your foot - ruining the best of dreams.
So Irritating!

3. It Keeps on Biting with Pain! - In it's more advanced stages, PF is a nagging, persistent pain in your foot that makes walking miserable and running impossible

      • Clients often experience advanced PF pain throughout the day - and worse, it feels like little pins and needles that throb and poke with every step you take

Yes, let’s be honest, plantar fasciitis is plain-and-simply miserable!

And so, The Most Important Questions:
1. What did I do to get to this plantar fasciitis “bite monster”?
2. How do I get rid of plantar fasciitis?
3. How do I forever prevent getting plantar fasciities?

The Quick & Dirty, but Complicated Answer:

Plantar Fasciitis is usually caused by poor structural and muscle-mechanics.

...Yet the Good can easily learn how to make mind-body shifts that will guarantee that you'll never again be plagued by PF pain and discomforts!

The Quick & Dirty, & Simple Fix - What are (2) simple things that you can do to Stop Your Plantar Fasciitis?

Although initially painful,

    • Walk, and
    • Stretch
But these are the Simple Basics.
I've spent years understanding Plantar Fasciities and developing the most sophisticated way to QUICKLY get Rid of Plantar Fasciities Pain.

Ready to Stop Plantar Fasciitis Pain & to Feel Great Again? -- Let's Get Started!

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