Stop Your Hamstring Pain!

Have you ever been in a paddle tournament - Psyched that your game is going so well

- only to have your hams lock up and make it difficult to lunge for the easy get and return over the net?

Hamstring Pain is so not fun!

But why does hamstring pain happen???

    • #1 Thing to know - Your quads and hams form an important movement team. AKA Every time your quads move, your hamstrings move too
        • If your quads are chronically tight, they're going to constantly pull against your hams to the point that they'll overstretch and weaken your hams
        • and you will experience pain.
        • and you'll lose Speed on the Court
    • #2 Thing to know - Your hams are attached to your sit bones at the bottom of your pelvis.
        • Inevitably, in our sit-down society we tend to sit for hours, often leaning on one side or the other.
        • And when we sit down, unbalanced for hours, the pelvis can shift creating yet another pull against your hams.
        • And we end up with a chronic hamstring pull and an increased probability of pain, strain, and injury.

Here's How The Never-Stopping Hams Overstretching Happens

      • First a bit of background...the top edge of your pelvis - AKA your hip line - is, also the top of the wings of your pelvis.
      • Over time, we can develop a pelvic tilt - AKA one or both sides of our pelvic wings roll forward.
      • Once your pelvic wing rolls forward, it pulls the base of your pelvis up and around as well

What does that mean?

      • As your pelvis rolls forward, your hamstrings, at their SIT bone attachment, get pulled upward as well
      • Which means that your hamstrings can be over-stretched 24/7 and
      • They'll Exhibit Pain! especially if they're challenged in a tournament!

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