Stop Your Back Pain!

Have you ever been running a 5K only to have your back start nagging about 400 meters into the race

- only to find yourself barely able to stand up straight by the time the race is over?

Back pain really sucks!

And there are so many reasons why your back can become painful.

The Top 2 Reasons that Runners Experience Back Pain:

1. You're running with an out-turned foot

    • which can lock up your hips and
    • WILL cause intense back pain.
2. Your pelvis is unstable and possibly has an anterior tilt - AKA one side or the other of your pelvis is rolled forward.

3.  Your muscle firing order is off.

Here are the Details on Muscle Firing Order for Walking & Running.

First, there are some basic body mechanics that make all the difference in your back

    • its comfort
    • its functioning, and
    • the reduction of your pain

Curiously, the majority of my clients with back pain have either/ or both an anterior tilt and particularly, a muscle firing order that's off.

So Let's Get into some Details. The ideal muscle firing order for your right leg when you bring your leg forward when walking or running:

    • First to Fire: Right Hamstring
    • Second to Fire: Right Glute
    • Third to Fire: Left-Side Low Back Erector Muscle
    • Fourth to Fire: Right-Side Low Back Erector Muscle
Despite this ideal, many of my clients, especially with back pain, have a firing order that's very different.

First culprit: Most times, the glutes are laying low
- either firing at a low level or
- firing last

Second culprit: The back muscles love to take over
- It's like they're the prima donna to prove how strong they are OR
- It's like they're there to save the day and make up for glutes not firing

So if You're Ready to End Your Back Pain and Feel Great Again -- Let's Get Started!

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