Stop Shoulder Pain!

Have you ever been delighted with your score for the first 9 holes, only to have your "can-be" pain-challenged shoulder started to act up again?

...And worse yet, has the increasing shoulder pain forced you to worry more about your the pain than your next shot?

Nothing's worse than shoulder pain when you're playing a round of golf or taking a swing on the court.  And of course, we ALWAYS want a competitive edge.

So how do you know in advance of the game if you're going to have shoulder problems?

Here's a Quick Test to See if Your Swing is Compromised:

The Test: "The Forearm Across Your Back" Test

      • Step 1: Bend your elbow.
      • Step 2: Rotate the top of your arm inward and place your arm behind your back.
      • Step 3: Shift your arm so that the full length of your forearm lies flush across your back.

How do you know you have a problem?

        • Problem Results 1 - Wings Anyone?
          If only your wrist can rest on your back and it now looks like you've grown a wing... OR
        • Problem Results 2 - Forward Rolling Cheats?
          If you have to bend at your waist and roll your shoulder forward and then can only get a part of your forearm on your back
  • Guess What?! If you have either #1 or #2 going on...
    You're going to have shoulder pain!
  • AND, You've compromised the strength of your swing!

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