Stop Your Achilles Pain!

Have you ever been in the middle of a tournament and become worried about your calf and achilles pain?

Achilles Pain is Rough!

How do you get there?

Here's the Achilles Tests:
1. Point your toes downward - you should be able to point 70-80°
2. Bring your toes toward your knee - you should be able to bring your toes upward 30°

My clients with Achilles Pain can't bring their toes toward their knees very far

    • Many can only raise about 5-10°
    • Several can't raise their toes upward - their toes sit at 0° or neutral
    • Quite a few have a negative raise - only about minus 5 to minus 10°

A Quick Test to see How Bad Your Achilles Is:

1. Take two fingers and place them along your Achilles
2. Engage your skin and see if you can pull your skin up and down

      • You're in pretty good shape if you can pull your skin up and down

- but you'll still need help.

      • Your Achilles is in Trouble if your skin no longer moves

Summary of your Potential Achilles Trouble:
If your foot is pitched forward and you can't raise your toes toward your knee, you're likely experiencing continuous Achilles pain - And I can help!

So if You're Ready to End Your Achilles Pain and Feel Great Again -- Let's Get Started!

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