End Your Rotator Cuff Pain!

Have you ever been set for serve only to feel like you can't bring your arm back all the way without pain?

Or have you ever swung for the goal only to have your swing seem slower and extra painful?

We generally hear about rotator cuff injuries, but don't always realize that there are several rotator cuff muscles and several injury possibilities.

The most common rotator cuff injury is to the supraspinatus muscle.

    • That's the muscle that sits atop your shoulder blade and
    • It's the 1st muscle to fire when you bring your arm up along your side and
    • It's responsible for lifting your arm the 1st 10 - 20° when you lift it upward along your side
    • It acts as a supporting muscle for your delts after raising your arm that first 10 - 20°

The Rotator Cuff Problem:

If you're arm is rolled forward that means a couple of things are happening:

    • Your pecs are most likely always contracted & tight
      • which means that your shoulder is most likely rolled inward
      • PS Tight latts or a tight subcapularis muscle (underside of your shoulder blade) can cause the same rotator cuff type problems
    • Since your pecs are always pulling your shoulder forward, the rotator muscles on the back side and top of your shoulder blade are chronically being over-stretched
    • Over-stretched muscles never relax or return to neutral and so fatigue and over-time lose muscle tone.

Without muscle tone, you don't have the rotator cuff muscle strength you need to balance and offset the strength of your pecs.

And over-time, under constant strain, your rotator cuff muscles will scream with pain...

So if You're Ready to End Your Rotator Cuff Pain and Feel Great Again -- Let's Get Started!

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