End Your Quad Pain!

Have you ever been on the court and then, during a time out on the sidelines, reconnected with the fact that your quads are as hard as rock and that your knees are killing you?!

Quad pain is a tough one...

and worse yet, it always seems to pull your knee and/or your IT Band off-track and into the intensity of your pain.

How do your Quads cause your Knee Pain?

Did you know...

  • You have 3 quad muscles
  • All 3 of your quads attach under or at the side of your knee cap (AKA patella)
  • If your quads are chronically tight, they're pulling your knee cap out of its ideal alignment - AKA Off-Track and into a Pain Syndrome
    • If your center quad is tighter than the others, your knee cap will tend to pull upward out of alignment
    • If the quads on either side of your knee cap are tight, it will tend to pull your knee cap off its center track
Never Fun!

Why your Quads Cause IT Band Pain?

Ground Zero of the Quad/IT Band Problem:

  • If you walk or run with your foot chronically turned inward
    • Your center quad is no longer lined up ideally to be able to be the primary lifter and so...
    • Now your Side Quad and IT Band have to take over and become the primary "leg lifter"
    • Since that's not their job, over time, they fatigue and scream with pain


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