End Your IT Band Pain!

Have you ever been enjoying a win on the court only to have your IT Band scream with pain?

... And tell me that it's not even worse when your IT Band keeps on biting with each side shuffle step - ultimately, robbing you of both agility and power at the net?

Or maybe - you're enjoying a cross-country run only to have your IT Band bite and force the collapse of your knee inward, killing your downhill run?

First things first,

Why on earth do you get IT Band Syndrome?

I mean, your IT Band is incredibly strong.  In fact, I recently took a class with a Physical Therapist who shared this fun fact....

Your IT Band is so STRONG that you could hang a Volkswagen from the San Francisco bridge with you IT Band.

Phenomenal, isn’t it ? I mean when it comes down to it, we have amazing internal strength and the body mechanics to support intense sports-related stresses.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves again, Importantly,

Why do we have an IT band?

The IT Band’s primary function is to enhance knee stability.

Think about it, whether you're

  • navigating cross country terrain, or
  • stopping on a dime and immediately, cutting to advance the game down the court,

Our knees are subjected to amazing stresses - and understandably, we need we need Volkswagen-strong knee support via our IT Band.

The problem - Our Movement Habits are often based on Poor Muscle Mechanics that create incredible challenges for knee stability and our IT band support system.

So, what am I talking about??

The Trauma of Walking & Running with an Out-Turned Foot

You both walk and run with an out-turned foot - instead of using the optimal neutral/straight foot stance

The Dilemma:  If you're walking with an out-turned foot, you're no longer able to propel yourself forward with the bio-mechanically optimal full-width of your foot.

The Compromised Solution:  Instead of connecting with your optimal foot mechanics, with an out-turned foot your arch has to collapse to create a platform so that you can launch forward. And critically, when your arch collapses, your knee will be pulled inward – which in turn, guarantees that your IT band will be strained!

A Real Life Situation...If you're FitBit savvy, you're taking 10,000 steps with those compromised...AND PAINFUL foot mechanics. So, with each out-turned foot step you're actually straining your IT band by forcing it to support your collapsing knee and ...

Guess What???!

In time, your IT Band complains - by creating pain - and in time, can develop into advanced IT Band Syndrome.

Tough on a Game!

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