End Your Hip Pain!

Have you Ever Run a 5K only to have your Hips Scream at the end of the Race? OR

Have you ever played a great 18 holes only to feel like you're walking off the course with hips that are locked up with Pain?


So How did you Get There - to the point that you're Riddled with Hip Pain?

One big problem - (Among several possibilities...)

1. Have you ever noticed that your shoes wear out mostly on the outside edge of your shoe?

If "Yes," here are the issues that you are likely facing...

    • You're balancing all of your weight on the outside edge of your feet, not the full width - and so ultimately, you're pretty unstable.
        • Which Means
    • You're only propelling forward from the unstable outer edge of your foot - not the more grounded full-width
        • Which Means
    • You're only getting an extra boost forward from your baby toes - not from the stronger position of all 5 of your toes
        • Which Means
    • You've LOST the strength and stability of launching forward from the full width of your foot
        • Which Means
    • Your Foot Strike is likely LOUD - Because walking on the edge of your feet means that your foot strike slaps the ground with each contact rather than rolling forward more silently and ultimately, more efficiently
        • Which Means
    • You've Lost the bounce in your stride
        • Which Means that
    • The only way that your body can support your walking on the outside edge of your feet is to Lock your hips in place which means that your hips are Compromised
        • Which Means that
    • Your Only Support is from locking your leg into your Hip Socket


Which is hard on your game!

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