End Tennis Elbow!

Have you ever been psyched about your play at the net, the consistent spin you've had on your forehand shot, AND your point advantage

- only to now worry about the fact that your Tennis Elbow pain is back and is killing your game?

So What is Tennis Elbow?

Ultimately, Tennis elbow

    • IS an overuse issue
    • IS the most common upper-extremity overuse problem
    • DOES NOT involve inflammation
    • DOES involve a collagen breakdown in the tendon fibers
    • DOES involve hypertonic muscle - Which means they're super tight
    • CAN be caused by a shoulder that's out of alignment - often rolled forward and inward - that puts more stress on the forearm and wrist muscles
    • USUALLY involves the muscles on the back of your forearm and wrist and more particularly, where their tendons attach onto your outer elbow

The Good News!

Time, reduced activity, and good therapy can help you bounce back from Tennis Elbow.
Did you Know...

    • Ice will help with pain management, but since Tennis Elbow is not an inflammation problem, there are limited therapeutic benefits.
    • Good Therapy involves improving the overall strength and endurance along the entire kinetic chain, including muscles in the
            • Neck
            • Shoulder
            • Arm
            • Elbow Regions
    • JOB #1 for Healing Tennis Elbow
            • Relief to the afflicted tendons by releasing the hypertonic muscles that are causing a continuous strain on your painful tendons
    • JOB #2 for Healing Tennis Elbow
            • Improve the strength of your Tennis Elbow muscles

So if You're Ready to End Your Tennis Elbow and Feel Great Again -- Let's Get Started!

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