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Change Your Muscle Habits - End Your Pain

Did you know that many of your existing muscle aches and pains are old habits leftover from your "Life on the Run" that resulted in “muscle mechanics" that are "just off" from their Pain-Free ideal?”

The Good News is that, once you reset your old and not-quite-right muscle habits, you can often quickly get back to Pain-Free Living!

During our sessions at The Mind Body Whisperer, we'll work together to "Find and Unwind" your existing pain-based muscle habits so that you can

Optimize Your Muscle Mechanics, Re-Energize Your Life, and
Reclaim Pain-Free Living !

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  • Stop Shoulder Pain!

    Have you ever been delighted with your score for the first 9 holes, only to have your "can-be" pain-challenged shoulder started to act up again?…

  • End Tennis Elbow!

    Have you ever been psyched about your play at the net, the consistent spin you've had on your forehand shot, AND your point advantage - only to now…

  • End Your Hip Pain!

    Have you Ever Run a 5K only to have your Hips Scream at the end of the Race? OR Have you ever played a great 18…

  • End Your IT Band Pain!

    Have you ever been enjoying a win on the court only to have your IT Band scream with pain? ... And tell me that it's…

  • Stop Your Hamstring Pain!

    Have you ever been in a paddle tournament - Psyched that your game is going so well - only to have your hams lock up…

  • Stop Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain!

    Have you ever tried to bounce out of bed, eager to start your day out right,  - only to feel like you’d landed on a…

  • End Your Neck Pain!

    Have you ever grabbed your neck and cringed with pain because it's ALL just gotten so intense. ... You know what I mean ... when…

  • End Your Rotator Cuff Pain!

    Have you ever been set for serve only to feel like you can't bring your arm back all the way without pain? Or have you ever…

  • Stop Your Back Pain!

    Have you ever been running a 5K only to have your back start nagging about 400 meters into the race - only to find yourself…

  • End Your Quad Pain!

    Have you ever been on the court and then, during a time out on the sidelines, reconnected with the fact that your quads are as hard…

  • Stop Your Achilles Pain!

    Have you ever been in the middle of a tournament and become worried about your calf and achilles pain? Achilles Pain is Rough! How do…

  • Stop Ankle Pain!

    Have you ever been in the middle of a game and experienced intense ankle pain that even shoots pain up the side of your leg?…

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