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Shoulder Sense – DIY Shoulder Habit Test Trio – Test #1

The DIY Shoulder Habit Test Trio - Testing Range of Motion: In our last blog, we discussed the initial "DIY" tests.  This week we're taking the DIY experience a step further with (3) DIY range of motion tests that you can perform so that you get an idea of your own specific movement limitations the…
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Shoulder Sense – Initial DIY Shoulder Tests

TMBW Massage - Shoulder Sense: Initial DIY Test As discussed in the last post, keeping shoulder flexibility through the elasticity of your shoulder's connective tissue is both helpful and important. So, how do you tell if you have a shoulder problem? First clue - PAIN! Is your shoulder generally painful when you move it? Do you have complete ease…
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Shoulder Sense – Understanding Your Shoulder to Amp Your Shot – Part III

TMBW Massage - Shoulder Sense: What Happens when Your Shoulder “Ropes” Lose Their Elasticity Based on my practice at The Mind Body Whisperer, my clients run into shoulder problems when their shoulder system loses its elasticity. PS I’ve also experienced shoulder pain for the same reason…but more about my past TRX difficulties shortly. The Problem…
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