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Muscle Firing Order!

The vast majority of my clients with low back pain - easily more than 90% - have muscle firing order issues.  The most common mis-fire... Glutes that don't fire in sequence resulting in the low back muscles "taking up the glutes' workload slack."   Just like a car engine and its pistons, there is an…
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"One of the keys to great fitness and pain-free living is the concept of bounce - the ability of your ligaments to stay elastic, mobile, and capable of bounce."   I was first introduced to the concept of bounce one day when, as a corporate banker, I was sprinting across the courtyard to catch an…
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Give & Go!

"The best way to guarantee pain-free living and game-play is to make certain that your muscles and key joints are mobile and elastic - AKA they enjoy "Give-N-Go." Another key to mobility and pain-free living is "Give-N-Go" - the ability of the joints and muscles to sustain impact (i.e. a foot strike) by "giving" or…
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