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Running: Part 1: The Importance of a Neutral and Straight Foot

I have two new favorite books – both available through Amazon! During my sessions, I often talk about the importance of keeping your foot straight while walking or running. It's always great to find additional supports for concepts used at The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method. Here are books I've been reviewing via my links:…
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TRX & TMBW ReClaim My Life Campaign

Good morning to you! Welcome to another day @ The Mind Body Whisperer, Orthopedic and Sports Massage. I’m back from my first TRX Suspension Training class at the Wilmington Central YMCA. Working out at the YMCA is key in my TMBW “ReClaim my Life” campaign. The Mind Body Whisperer “ReClaim My Life” campaign is all…
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What the Stretch!

I don't know about you, but when I was young and more athletic, I only stretched when my coach ordered it.  At the time, I was very flexible and in great shape.  I mean, at the time, my dad could hold onto my waist and I could flip backwards and place my head in between my…
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