About Christine, The Mind Body Whisperer

I've had crazy things happen in my life and yet, more than anything, I'm incredibly blessed.

I grew up quite the tom-boy - I loved climbing trees and playing catch.  During football season, I pretended to be the Raider's Kenny Stabler - yep, I loved being "the Snake" - and consistently passed the perfect spiral to my brother, then pretending to be Gene Washington of the 49ers.  I was so proud that I didn't "throw like a girl."

I staabout-christine-eckery-de-massage-therapist-ace-personal-trainer-clekrted my career as a nerd in California and added "geek-dom" to my repertoire as soon as possible. I mean, I was the nerd that loved dissecting a cat in biology class.  It wasn't that I didn't think about our own cats and that I didn't feel a twinge about what I was doing, but I LOVED exploring those muscles!

I was so fascinated that muscles, just like those, were responsible for the speed that I used to round the bases and assure the accuracy of the ball that I could burn into the 1st baseman's mitt - I so loved getting the runner "out" - not that I have a streak of competitiveness in me!  ☺

Yet early on, "I got practical," and rather than a career in bodywork, I was first a corporate banker.  My first job out of college was with Bank of America in LA.  My favorite position, however, was later as a VP in Acquisition Finance with CIBC.

With my own apparent career ADHD, I next worked in the marketing department of a software firm.  I went from working drawing loan documents for EDS' Taiwanese subsidiary to writing copy for our next big software product - Savage Warrior.

While there, my primary job was orchestrating our merchandising presence in retail stores across the country.  My biggest job there was orchestrating our company's presence at E3 - and my favorite part of that job was creating video trailers for our software titles.

From there, I went back to grad school and worked as a psychotherapist, primarily working with children.  I have a MS in clinical psychology and advanced to candidacy for my PhD.

Quite the crusher, I couldn't complete my dissertation because of an equipment malfunction which meant that I wasn't able to capture the data from my 92 breast cancer survivor participants - even though my programmer assured me that "all was well."

Admittedly, I'm eager to get back to my research some day.  My favorite part of that job was interviewing my participants after the data collection portion of the experiment was completed.  My fellow breast cancer survivors are a pretty incredible group of people!  And yes, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 - I'll share that story in another post on my website.

While working as a child and family therapist, I became a Delaware certified trauma therapist and loved working with my clients.  I also loved studying the brain.  Frankly, my own "nerd within" still loves studying neuropsychology and I participate in a monthly "brain study group."

christine-eckery-licensed-massage-therapist-de-ace-personal-trainer-ms-clinical-psychologyCuriously, I was slow to appreciate massage.  In fact, it took a head-on auto accident and difficulties with my recovery before I dared to venture beyond conventional medicine and to try my first massage and chiropractic adjustment.

My determined mantra, at the time, was that I was "too young" to be in so much pain and to feel like I was 99.  I had and still have so much life to live that I was willing to try practically anything - and I'm so ultimately, I'm grateful that I did.  I love my work as a licensed massage therapist!!!

In fact, I think that some of the most effective work that I do today is when I work in conjunction  with health care providers - including MDs, chiropractors and physical therapists.

In my own practice, I also find wonderful successes as I combine orthopedic massage with stretches and strengthening exercises.  The Objective:  helping you retrain the muscle shifts and resets that you need to achieve Pain-Free living and the Your Best Competitiveness in your Favorite Sport. This focus on helping you optimize your body, your fitness, and your sports competitiveness was a primary factor in my decision to become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

And what is my approach to orthopedic massage therapy?  I work diligently to therapeutically connect with you and to understand the muscular stresses and strains of your body. And as a Licensed Massage Therapy (LMT) professional and "Muscle Geek," I am intent on listening to and understanding how I can best work with your body and its current state to facilitate your ability to get pain-free and to reclaim your best posture, muscular alignment and functioning. Admittedly, the older I get, the more I am also interested in perfecting the skill set that will make "Aging Pain-Free" an important reality for you, as my clients, as well as myself.

Having said all of that, I'm most proud of my son Luke.  I love being a "Proud Marine Mom" and am in awe of his choice to serve our country.  And yes, Luke's pacifist-minded mom, AKA me, still works to get her head wrapped around his future assignments, yet, I'm so incredibly grateful to all of our service members - military, police, fire, EMTs, emergency dispatchers, MDs, nurses, etc. etc.  Thank you all for providing security and service to my life and to that of my family and friends.

I always loved the Pivot questions that James Lipton asked each guest at the end of each "Inside the Actor's Studio" episode.  While all of the questions are probably not appropriate for this format, the following are my favorites:

1. What is you favorite word?
- Joy though admittedly, I still delight in the word "Hey-Day."  Perhaps, this affinity for Hey-Dey reflects my farm family roots and the "Spud-Blood" (from my Idaho family) that runs through my veins.  

2. What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?
- I love photography on the sidelines - particularly, of  a good lacrosse game.  I love catching the vibe of the game, anticipating how it will play out, AND I love being there to capture the critical moment of the drive to the goal.

I particularly love capturing eyes - focused with intent - and the movement of the body with muscles taut with the strength and flow that make scoring as well as defending possible.

I also love going out to a garden and letting the "fairies of nature" guide me to the best shots. It's fun to finish my shoot - figuring that I have some good shots.  Yet, it's just as much fun for me to sit in front of my computer, not knowing for certain what I've shots I've captured, and getting lost in the beauty of the flowers and the process of finding and uncovering the treasures hidden within.  My art credo is - if the image doesn't pull at your heart emotionally, I don't print it.

3. What sound or noise do you love?
- Deep full-bodied laughter - a laugh that fills the body is phenomenally wonderful! 

4. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
- Photojournalist or sports photographer.  I had a wonderful time on the sidelines photographing the lacrosse and baseball shots in my office - love the adrenaline buzz of being that close to the gameplay.

As an homage to surviving breast cancer, I also photographed the floral pieces in my office as well as the "healing hall" that leads to my office.

Actually, I'd also love to work as a television director.  I love a good story and the right drama.  During my time working in the marketing department of Mindscape, I loved creating those video game trailers.  I loved the creativity and the synergies that came together during those long and crazy production hours.  

About the same time, I also thoroughly enjoyed directing public access television programs while working through Viacom's community program.  I loved directing television programs - my hallmark was close-ups - I love capturing the look and the emotions conveyed through one's eyes.

5. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
- What a wild ride, eh? So glad you're back - Let's talk story!  (PS  That's an homage to my wonderful semester in Hawaii.  I felt a huge affinity for Hawaii, and to ancient Hawaii in particular.)  

"Back to what I'd love to hear God say at the Pearly Gates":  Christine, I have so looked forward to hearing about the life you created, what you've learned, what challenged you the most, what new perspectives about life and living you've gained, and of course, all about the joys of your successes.