Monthly Archives: March 2016

Process of Success

As I reflect, it seems that the Process of Success: Begins with hope, Continues with a vision for possibilities beyond our current realities, with a mind to Gather and use wisdoms learned from our past to catapult us beyond those old difficulties so that Our vision for the future is not mired by a filter…
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Great Gratitudes

Funny thing, somehow I didn't find many quotes for "ecstatic joy," however, those are the best words to describe the emotions I felt seeing my son, Luke, graduate as a Marine last week. The weather was wonderful and his "Hi Mom!" hug was wonderful. Following my celebratory theme, this week's quotes are about "gratitude": "Gratitude…
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Problems – Chance to do Our Best for the Best Life in Our Years

Luke successfully completed his Crucible. Ooh-Rah as we new Marines say. Luke is now officially a Marine and I am officially a Marine Mom. Thanks to one & all for your support and well wishes. Here are the last of the Crucible-Inspired quotes that I sent to Luke + a quick commentary. “A problem is…
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