Monthly Archives: July 2013

Muscle Firing Order!

The vast majority of my clients with low back pain - easily more than 90% - have muscle firing order issues.  The most common mis-fire... Glutes that don't fire in sequence resulting in the low back muscles "taking up the glutes' workload slack."   Just like a car engine and its pistons, there is an…
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End Your Pain with The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method

[extra_wrap custom_class="block_2"] Change Your Muscle Habits - End Your Pain Did you know that many of your existing muscle aches and pains are leftovers from old habits of "Life on the Run" that have resulted in “muscle mechanics" that are "just off" from their pain-free ideal?” The Good News is that, once you reset your…
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"One of the keys to great fitness and pain-free living is the concept of bounce - the ability of your ligaments to stay elastic, mobile, and capable of bounce."   I was first introduced to the concept of bounce one day when, as a corporate banker, I was sprinting across the courtyard to catch an…
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