Monthly Archives: February 2013

Optimize Your Cycling!

As a member of the Sports Massage Team of the Delaware AMTA, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many cyclists in the post-event massage tent.  As you might imagine, one gets a lot of insight into a cyclist’s form and muscle mechanics at two event points: As the cyclist approaches the finish line [minus_list]…
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Schedule Now! with The Mind Body Whisperer Massage

    Are You Ready to Optimize Your Sport and Claim Pain Freedom?   Click here or the Schedulicity Block (at the left) and Let's Get Started! So that You Can Get Optimized!      Or Schedule Now and Get (5) 1.5 hour massages for $440 (Regularly $625) in The Mind Body Whisperer  Summer Fun &…
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Optimize Your Paddle Game!

I am admittedly new to the game of Paddle.  How I wish I'd known about Paddle and had been able to play for years!  I am absolutely intrigued by any game that allows me to play off the fence - and engage that high level of strategy vs. braun...What a great game! While paddle tennis shares…
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