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Get Mind & Body Optimized to
Get Optimized For Your Favorite Sport & Pain-Free Living!

Optimize For Your Sport!

Did you Know  that if your shoulder is rolled forward, you've lost your shoulder's best muscle mechanics, your body's optimal alignment and, most importantly - you've
robbed your game of both speed and strength?

    • The Key to "Getting Optimized for Your Sport"  is to Optimize Your Body’s Alignment and Your Muscles' Balance and Strength.
    • The Mind Body Whisperer Massage Method will help you "Find and Fix" what's "just-off" so that you can Reclaim Your Body's Best  to

      Optimize Your Sport and Amp Your Game !

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Get Pain-Free - NOW!

Did you know that many of your existing muscle aches and pains are just old habits leftover from living your "Life on the Run"?

And did you know that these old habits became the “muscle imbalances and mis-alignments" that are causing you Pain?

      • The Good News is that, once you reset your old and not-quite-right muscle habits, you can often quickly get back to Pain-Free Living!
      • During our sessions at The Mind Body Whisperer, we'll work together to help you "Find and Unwind" your existing pain-based muscle habits so that YOU CAN

Optimize Your Muscles and Your Body to Re-Energize Your Life and,
Reclaim Pain-Free Living !

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Get Body Fitness Optimized!

Did you know that the key to Pain-Free Living and the ability to Optimize Your Sport is your ability to reclaim and optimize your Body's Inborn Fitness Capabilities? 

Call it genetics, but our mind-body was "Made to Move" and to "Live by our Body's Inborn Fitness Capabilities."

Another way to think about it, science suggests that our ancient ancestors passed down a mind-body system that learns, thinks, and strategizes best when movement and expressions of our body's inborn fitness are part of our daily routine.

      • The best thing going for us is that our "Body's Inborn Fitness Capabilities" are our ancestral inheritance - it's the package deal that we came to this life with!
      • Once you connect with your best body-fitness-building sequence, you will be able to quickly reclaim your own Body's Inborn Fitness Capabilities
      • During our sessions at The Mind Body Whisperer, we'll work together to help you "Uncover and Reclaim" your own Body's Inborn Fitness Capabilities so that You Can

Optimize for YOUR Body's Fitness, Enjoy "Pain-Free Living," and a
Mind-Body "Optimized for your Favorite Sport"!

  • Muscle Firing Order!

    The vast majority of my clients with low back pain…

  • Bounce!

    "One of the keys to great fitness and pain-free living…

  • Give & Go!

    "The best way to guarantee pain-free living and game-play is…

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Get Mind Optimized!

Did you know that the key to Your Best Living and  Amped Competitiveness is your ability to understand and utilize Key Secrets of your Mind?     

      • Once you understand the basics about how your mind works, it is so much easier to hone your focus, aptitudes, and abilities!
      • Another way to think about it - We inherited, from our ancient ancestors, a mind-brain system that seeks our safety and survival first and foremost.
          •  The good news is that we no-longer have to fear the threat of a saber tooth tiger, yet, "safety and security" is ultimately our baseline and primal default mode which means that until our safety and survival is assured, we respond to life in protective mode
          • AKA subconsciously our brain strives to assure our safety and security by reacting quickly - and often impulsively - and frequently with extra emotion.
      • Yet, we are so much more than our safety and survival reaction tendencies and so learning how to not only react, but also to mindfully act beyond that protective mode is key and critical.
      • During our sessions at The Mind Body Whisperer, we'll work together to help you "Discover and Own" the Key Secrets of your Mind so that YOU CAN

Optimize YOUR Mind to Create Your New and Best World for Your
Best Fun, Pain-Free Living and Amped Gameplay!

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FAQs - The Mind Body Whisperer (TMBW) Massage

  •  Why TMBW Massage?Massage-The-Mind-Body-Whisperer-FAQsFeeling Less-Than Your Best?  Together we'll work to unwind your pain patterns & re-optimize your muscle mechanics for Pain-Free Living & Optimized Game-Play.
  • What Should I Wear?Massage-The-Mind-Body-Whisperer-FAQ-To-WearTMBW Massage is movement oriented & so most clients prefer to wear gym shorts and as appropriate, a sports bra or camisole. 
  • How Should I Prepare?Massage-The-Mind-Body-Whisperer-FAQs-PrepareSince TMBW Massage works with you to optimize your muscles, Help Them by drinking about 17-20 oz of water before our appointment. Post-appointment, I also recommend electrolyte water.
  • Is there Paperwork?Yes, as with other health practices, paperwork is required.  Please click here to download the Mac/PC-fill-able form, complete & bring with you to your first appointment.
  • Will I be Sore?Clients experience a range - many clients report no real soreness.  Some report soreness for ~ 24 hours & then report feeling better than ever!
  • How Do I Pay?For convenience, you can pay by cash, check, and the major credit cards - or click here to pay in advance online.
  • Will TMBW Improve my Game?TMBW Massage will help Optimize your Sports Strength & Balance - i.e. For Swing Strength, we'll help Balance your Pecs vs. Rotator Cuff Muscles to Power Your Swing!
  • Will TMBW Improve my Fitness?TMBW Massage will Help Optimize Your Fitness - ie Balance your Shoulder so You're Optimized for TRX, Planks, & Even Flies.
  • Will TMBW Help my Pain?Pain is often the language of the body telling us that our posture habit, for example, isn't working - & we just need to shift to re-balance. Here at TMBW Massage We Can Help You Make Muscular Shifts &
    Return to Pain Freedom!

A Quick Bit About Christine, The Mind Body Whisperer